It’s time to VOTE–for the BBC Quarterly Winner

It’s Election Week! While there is a very important election this Tuesday that everyone should vote in, there is another election happening right now at Beachbody! We’re talking about the The Beachbody Challenge, an ongoing contest for people who invested in healthier lifestyles through Beachbody’s programs. This week, it’s time to vote on which of these amazing people should win the quarterly prize of $5000 and a trip to LA. Voting is simple and you can get some practice before the Presidential Election November 8th!

Check out the contestants below, click on the pictures to vote, and learn more here about the Beachbody Challenge.

Martha R.

Weight lost: 50 lbs.

Fun Fact: Martha never shopped before but now it’s a favorite hobby. The change? The clothes fit!

Katherine M.

Weight lost: 25 lbs.

Fun Fact: Not only did she lose the weight and inches, but now Katherine can do pull ups for a full minute!

Pamela C.

Weight lost: 18 lbs.

Fun Fact: Something Pamela notices she does more now? Smiling!

Kathryn L.

Weight lost: 120 lbs.

Fun Fact: After she adopted two small children, Kathryn knew it was time to make a change for her and her whole family!

Anne J.

Weight lost: 71 lbs.

Fun Fact: Her transformation helped her whole family be healthier!

Andrea B.

Weight lost: 155 lbs.

Fun Fact: Andrea made the promise to ride the theme park rides with her son the following year–this was her inspiration to start her transformation!

Jennifer H.

Weight lost: 45 lbs.

Fun Fact: Jennifer saw that she felt better about herself every time she pushed “play” on a workout!

Pat F.

Weight lost: 70 lbs.

Fun Fact: Pat claims she didn’t lose weight–she got rid of it forever!

Tiffany B.

Weight lost: 80 lbs.

Fun Fact: Tiffany had three inspirations to lose weight: her son, her coach, and herself!

Jessica B.

Weight lost: 50 lbs.

Fun Fact: Jessica’s keys to success? Shakeology and the My Challenge Tracker App!

Stephanie S.

Weight lost: 110 lbs.

Fun Fact: Stephanie realized that though she was bigger, she was still undernourished. Her transformation was with physical activity but also nutrition!

Monica F.

Weight lost: 28 lbs.

Fun Fact: Monica decided to not just lose weight, but build her body and is now part of Sagi’s Beast Up Family Legacy on Facebook!

Spencer J.

Weight lost: 36 lbs.

Fun Fact: Spencer tried a Beachbody workout with his brother-in-law and it was the first time he didn’t quit before finishing!

Jordan R.

Weight lost: 49 lbs.

Fun Fact: Jordan used to drink six cans of soda–BEFORE he went to work each day. Now, he drinks Shakeology.

Steven D.

Weight lost: 27 lbs.

Fun Fact: Steven was in the army and an active gym member, but never saw results until Body Beast!

John H.

Weight lost: 30 lbs.

Fun Fact: John’s catalyst to change? Not having an answer to his 6-year-old son asking why he couldn’t be in shape and play games with him like his freinds’ dads did.

Stephen V.

Weight lost: 71 lbs.

Fun Fact: Stephen examined an overweight cadaver in anatomy class who was overweight and died from a heart attack–not wanting to become that, he decided to change!

Scott H.

Weight lost: 74 lbs.

Fun Fact: Scott still carries an extra 70 pounds around–in the form of his two daughters at the same time–something he couldn’t do before his transformation!

Jerry G.

Weight lost: 149 lbs.

Fun Fact: As a single parent with full custody, Jerry knew his daughter needed a healthy dad who was going to be around for a long time!

Jeffrey N.

Weight lost: 84 lbs.

Fun Fact: Jeffrey is the same weight he was in high school, 25 years later!

Regan S.

Weight lost: 43 lbs.

Fun Fact: Regan underwent his transformation while going to college full-time!

Bryan P.

Weight lost: 115 lbs.

Fun Fact: Nutrition education and an altered mindset were Bryan’s favorite things he got out of his transformation!

Keith L.

Weight lost: 47 lbs.

Fun Fact: How did he start his journey? A random message from a stranger that turned into a life-changing relationship!

Howard D.

Weight lost: 51 lbs.

Fun Fact: When getting out of breath after showering became too much, Howard decided it was time for a new life!

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