“Is Shakeology a meal replacement shake or a protein shake?”

The biggest problem with Shakeology (that’s right, there’s actually a problem with Shakeology) is that it’s really hard to classify. It’s not really a meal replacement—nor is it a protein shake. So what the heck is it?

The thing is, Shakeology is so much more. By placing it in a category, you only limit how dynamic this supplement is. So let’s break it down.

The Meal Replacement Shake Thing.

By itself, Shakeology does not replace a meal. That being said, it certainly can be part of a balanced meal when combined with healthy foods like berries and other fruit, nuts, seeds, and nut butters, avocados, various milks, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Or what about drinking it before your meal? “Wait!” you say. “Won’t that ruin my appetite?”


It sure does—but in a good way! Shakeology is loaded with protein and provides fiber—both which help promote a feeling of satiety and curb appetite. So drinking it before breakfast, lunch, or dinner is what’s referred to in clinical circles as “pre-loading,” or consuming a pre-meal snack to suppress hunger and decrease food intake.


In other words, Shakeology could be considered a healthy way to tide you over, keep you from “pigging out”, and help you stay on course with your balanced, healthy diet. That said, it’s not just a plain old protein (and fiber) shake!

The Protein Shake Thing.

With 16 to 17 grams of protein per glass, depending on your flavor, Shakeology comes in at roughly the same protein level as a serving of Greek yogurt (18 grams per 7 ounces) or tofu (16 grams in 7 ounces). And it surpasses eggs, which check in at 12 grams for two. While it’s not as high as meat or fish, it still has enough protein for it to count as a Red Container in the Fix Container system.

So, in a way, yes, Shakeology could be considered a protein shake.

That said, regular protein drinks tend to focus almost exclusively on, well, protein. Therefore they have more protein grams at the expense of other nutrients. This isn’t the case with Shakeology, given it includes a variety of nutrients, including carbs and fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Shakeology’s even low glycemic index certified by an independent laboratory. The combined effect does so much more than just provide amino acids. It works to benefit your overall health, helping to support healthy energy, curb cravings, and support your digestive health. So while you can certainly drink Shakeology to add protein to your diet, you’re missing the big picture—and some of the prime benefits—by focusing exclusively on this one macronutrient.


So what do you call Shakeology? The marketing gurus at Beachbody have gone around in circles with that one for a while. “Your daily dose of nutrition”? Sure, that’s a great tagline, but given Shakeology’s diversity, it’s a hard product to pin down. So instead of spending all this energy coming up with a label, how about we do what we’re supposed to do with the stuff: Drink it, keep active, eat right, and get healthy.




  1. Jacaueline says:

    What is the best flavor. A few years ago I’ve tasted the greenberry and the strawberry but like to try other flavors

    • There is a Shakeology Sampler now that comes with one serving of each of the 7 flavors. Everyone has their own option on what flavor is best, it’s personal preference. I love Chocolate, Cafe Late, Strawberry,Vegan Chocolate, and Vanilla pretty equally. So I order the combo boxes and switch them up every month for variety.

      • I LOVE the vanilla flavor! I hated most vanilla protein shakes because it tasted so gross, but the one by Shakeology tastes like vanilla cake to me! SOOOOO good! Plus, it’s made with madagascar vanilla! So tasty! I also like the Cafe Latte, but I’m a coffee drinker, so this replaces my morning cup of joe! 🙂

  2. Karen Dawson says:

    I need to know how much it would cost for a month supply.

  3. I prefer the Chocolate as my flavor, it is Devine

    I would contact a coach Karen, you can visit teambeachbody.com and be assigned one for free (I would also be happy to help you, and answer any questions you may have)

    If you purchase a challenge pack its like getting the workout for free, you receive the shakeology as well as 30days free of streaming BeachBodyOnDemand

  4. Being older (64) obese, and on 3 medications..I must admit I was skeptical. I had already lost 85 lbs with weight watchers and hypnosis and was doing wonderfully! Then …after a job layoff and an Achilles tendon injury, I found 30 lbs!
    Shame ology was suggested by my cousin Tina Dawson (coach) and my acupuncturist! Since starting last week, I’ve decrease d 6.5 lbs, have increased energy to begin a modified training, and my cravings seem to be completely gone. I am quite impressed and hopeful with this nutrition drink. I got a month supply and can’t wait to see where that will take me!!!! Thanks and yes, chocolate is very enjoyable.

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