Shakeology: It Really Works

It’s been awhile since we focused on Shakeology on the Shakeology Blog. Shakeology obviously works in conjunction with all of our fitness products, but what about as a standalone shake? We love it, but we’re a little biased. Check out these stories from two women who used Shakeology to support their transformations and see what this shake can do!



NAME: Chelley L.

BEFORE: 285 lbs.

AFTER: 200 lbs.

“Shakeology made it so I didn’t have to worry about 30 meals a month and helped with my sugar cravings.”

“I had been doing a handful of Beachbody workout programs for awhile to lose weight, and honestly believed that my protein shake from Costco was enough of a nutritional supplement. Then my Coach gave me a sample of Shakeology and I instantly fell in love with it. Not only did it taste amazing, but it almost instantly started doing AMAZING things for my body—both inside and out.

I stopped craving sugary foods and my energy level is now through the roof. My co-workers must dread it when I arrive in the mornings because I’m always so full of life, yet they’re still groggy and searching for their coffee fix.

Throughout my whole life, food has been a huge issue for me, which is why I ballooned up to 285 pounds. I would never plan meals ahead of time. I’d wait until I was starving then scramble to find the quickest thing to chow down on—which was always junk. But now, that has all changed. I don’t even crave that stuff anymore. It’s such a huge stress relief knowing that one meal a day is already predetermined. Plus, I don’t have to think about how to get all that nutritional stuff into my diet, I just have a Shakeology. And because I’m so much more aware of what’s going into my body, I make much better food choices all around.

I’m a single mom on a very tight budget so deciding to spend what I do on Shakeology every month was a very well-thought-out decision. But the thing is, you simply can’t beat the nutrition in this incredible product. Trust me, I tried. I did a ton of research trying to find anything similar to Shakeology that was cheaper and of equal nutrition, yet nothing came close to my Shakeo. NOTHING! I tell everyone I know about how Shakeology has changed my life and that they’d be silly not to drink it themselves. Thanks, Beachbody for transforming my life.”


NAME: Jessica P.

BEFORE: 263 lbs.

AFTER: 145 lbs. 

I’m down 118 pounds and 148 inches in ONE YEAR—all thanks to Shakeology!”

“Before Shakeology came into my life, my state of well-being was in dire jeopardy. Diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis—a terminal illness—at age 18, I was told I only had 7 years left to live. I popped 12 prescriptions a day and couldn’t afford to eat well-balanced meals due to being broke from college costs, medical debts, and prescription payments. I often went all day without eating because I was trying to save money, plus I was scared that consuming calories would make me gain more weight. So instead I consumed an unreal amount of energy drinks and soda for that quick pick-me-up, but then had to deal with sugar crashes and migraine headaches.

Fast-forward to the year I was supposed to see the pearly gates and a miracle happened—I had a baby. Eighteen months after that, I had another one. Now that I had two things to live for I cleaned up my diet with Shakeology and joined the fight to get healthy and fit. I’ve been drinking Shakeology for a year now and can honestly say that I will NEVER, EVER, EVER stop drinking it!

Shakeology has helped me achieve my health goals by crushing food temptations and by feeding my body exactly what it needed to transform. Shakeology has demolished my junk-food cravings as well. I used to spend more than $5 on just one latte, and I’d drink more than one a day. When I combine all the bad “things” I used to buy compared to the cost of my supernutrition, I’m coming out on top in all aspects. I will never stop drinking Shakeology—EVER! My life is finally mine again and I owe it all to Shakeology!”


†Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.


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  1. Sara Michaels says:

    LOVE these posts! thanks for sharing! People always assume when they see before / afters from the fitness programs and shakeology that the majority is from the workouts… but these are great because you’re able to see how much shakeology physically does on it’s own!!! <3

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