12 Summer Life Hacks for August

Even though summer is almost over (relax, we still have all month), we still want you to get the most out of your remaining sun-soaked days. Enjoy our favorite 12 Summer Life Hacks that will make vacationing even easier than it already was!

1. De-sting bug bites with a cotton ball saturated with vinegar 

2. Keep your jelly from leaking out of your PB+J


3. Cloves + a lime, halved = bug repellent with a good scent

4. Waterproof your shoes with bees wax

5. Chill a beverage super fast by wrapping it with a wet paper towel and freeze for 15 minutes

6. Place a wet sponge inside a plastic bag and freeze for a no-drip ice pack

7. Soothe sunburns with frozen aloe ice cubes

8. Use a muffin tin as a condiment caddy for any BBQ

9. Use cupcake liners to catch drips from Shakeology popsicles

10. Use a plastic bread clip to save a busted pair of flip-flops

11. Turn a fitted sheet into a barricade to keep the sand out of your lounge space

12. Place your phone and valuables in a cleaned out lotion bottle to keep things sand-free and safe

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