Who Should Win $5,000? Vote Now!


Every quarter, Beachbody gives people a chance to win $5000 for being awesome and making positive lifestyle changes that result in better health, called the Beachbody Challenge. Learn more here. The coolest part about the challenge is YOU can help choose the winners by voting! This quarter, we want you to meet all the finalists and choose who you want to win(click on images to vote!):

Sophie B.


Weight Lost: 15 lbs

Fun Fact: She started her transformation by searching #transformation on Instagram

Sarah G.


Weight Lost: 72 lbs

Fun Fact: She cut her body fat percentage in half

Roxy M.


Weight Lost: 51 lbs

Fun Fact: She is a mother of twins

Catherine H.


Weight Lost: 45 lbs

Fun Fact: She and her husband own a pet care business

Stephen L.


Weight Lost: 137 lbs

Fun Fact: He is a professional actor

Adam L.


Weight Lost: 35 lbs

Fun Fact: He wanted to get in shape after having his first child

Vincent F.


Weight Lost: 21 lbs

Fun Fact: He challenged his teenage son to do P90X with him the first time

D. Vu N..


Weight Lost: 20 lbs

Fun Fact: He recently completed a Tough Mudder

Sheenah S.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Sheenah S

Weight Lost: 41 lbs

Fun Fact: She loves how toned her arms and legs are

Diane D.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Diane D

Weight Lost: 135 lbs

Fun Fact: She travels for business and spends a lot of time in airports and hotels

Laura M.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Laura M

Weight Lost: 36  lbs

Fun Fact: She and her husband are workout buddies

Randi H.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Randi H

Weight Lost: 150 lbs

Fun Fact: She now feels like a good role model for her daughter

Timothy M.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Tim M

Weight Lost: 159 lbs

Fun Fact: He quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while getting in shape


Todd J.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Todd J

Weight Lost: 119 lbs

Fun Fact: His daughters love playing with him on the playground now

John G.

640x640 Clean and Simple_John G

Weight Lost: 23.2 lbs

Fun Fact: He loves Sagi’s motivational extra push

Bob G.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Bob G

Weight Lost: 21 lbs

Fun Fact: He loved how entertaining Tony Horton was

Ashley M.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Ashley M

Weight Lost: 70 lbs

Fun Fact: Her connection to Shaun T kept her in line with Insanity and T25


Kim H.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Kim H

Weight Lost: 45 lbs

Fun Fact: She is inspired by her husband and two children

Dianna M.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Dianna M

Weight Lost: 140 lbs

Fun Fact: Her wedding ring being way too tight motivated her transformation

Marcie W.

640x640 Clean and Simple_MARCIE W

Weight Lost: 30 lbs

Fun Fact: Shakeology helped her combat all chocolate cravings

Allan T.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Allan T

Weight Lost: 64lbs

Fun Fact: He has done multiple 5k races

Corwin K.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Corwin K

Weight Lost: 6 lbs

Fun Fact: Tony Horton made him laugh, which kept him motivated

Paul N.

640x640 Clean and Simple_Paul N

Weight Lost: 90 lbs

Fun Fact: He works with restaurant owners and chefs to create menu items

Kevin C.

640x640 Clean and Simple_KEVIN C

Weight Lost: 52 lbs

Fun Fact: He is wearing a size he hasn’t fit into for over 40 years


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