3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Ultimate Reset with Darin This Spring.

On Wednesday April 29th, Darin Olien, Shakeology’s Ingredient Hunter and creator of the Ultimate Reset, will embark on a 21-day journey—and he wants you to join him! It’s the Ultimate Reset Spring-Cleaning SuperLife Challenge. For 21 days, you can spring-clean your mind and body, plus get daily support from Darin online. This is the perfect opportunity to join forces with Darin, Reset your body, and get some help staying accountable. Not only will you rid your body of harmful toxins, improve your overall health, and lose weight, Darin promises that you’ll also walk away with at least one healthy new habit for the rest of your life!


Still on the fence? Well, during the month of April, you can save $85 on Ultimate Reset and Shakeology® Challenge Packs! How’s that for a little inspiration?


WHAT is the Ultimate Reset?

For those of you not familiar with this program, the Ultimate Reset is an all-natural alternative to harsh cleanses and starvation diets. So if you’re tired of being tired and feeling run down, the Ultimate Reset is for you. But don’t take our word for it, take Darin’s—he’s the one who created this remarkable program, and for very good reasons why.

WHY do the Ultimate Reset?

“The most important thing people need to realize about the Ultimate Reset is that it’s a total lifestyle change,” says Darin. “Most people know they should be eating better, getting more sleep, and drinking more water, versus highly caffeinated beverages such as coffee. Yet we live in a world filled with exhausted, unhealthy, and unhappy people.”

So if people know that what they’re doing isn’t beneficial to their health, then why are so few doing anything to live a healthier life? “The answer is simple,” says Darin, “bad habits coupled with good excuses. But the thing is, in order for things to change in life, YOU need to change. And the first step to making that change is finding your reason why.”

How to find YOUR “reason why.”

“You’ve got to be completely honest with yourself,” Darin says, “and find the emotional reason that drives your desire to change. The reason why can’t just be ‘I want to lose weight.’ Because when times get tough, and they will, if you haven’t come to terms with that deeply rooted, emotional reason that’s driving this desired lifestyle change, you’ll fall back into old habits. What you’ve got to do is determine how much your ‘why’ is worth to you. Write it down. Dream of that place. Ditch the bad food and drinks. Stock up on the good stuff. Get anchored in. Get a support group. And envision success.”

Once you’ve found your “WHY” here are Darin’s top 3 reasons why you should do the Ultimate Reset with him:


1. Springtime is renewal time.


Winter’s over and life everywhere is crawling out of hibernation. The plant world is in transition and the same is true for our bodies. So this is the perfect time to ditch bad habits and establish healthy new ones. Besides, who doesn’t want to look and feel their best for shorts and swimsuit season? Also, keep in mind that the Ultimate Reset incorporates Vegan Shakeology into the meal plan, so deliciousness is guaranteed throughput your journey.


2. Strength in numbers.


By participating in the Ultimate Reset as a group, not only will you be surrounded by a support team, you’ll also be surrounded by people who will hold you accountable. When you isolate yourself, it’s harder to achieve success. But when others are going through the exact same things as you are, it empowers you to continue. You shun all the excuses and just do it!


3. Boost your Superlife.


Darin’s book Superlife—The 5 Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome, released earlier this year, is the perfect companion piece to the Ultimate Reset program because it provides a deeper look into the science and philosophy behind the Reset’s 21 days and beyond. Plus, it offers advice for a lifetime of not just healthy living, but THRIVING.

Inspired? Great. Here’s advice on how to prep.

While Darin can’t wait to go through this amazing program with you, his biggest piece of advice at this stage of the game is to prepare yourself for the challenge. “Start weaning yourself off your daily cup of Joe. Clean out the kitchen cabinets and get rid of the junk. Give it away. Throw it away. Whatever you do, just make it go away. Because if it’s not around, it’s impossible to eat it.”

How often should people do the Ultimate Reset?

“Don’t ever stop doing it,” Darin says. “I know people who do it several times a year to only once a year. You’ve got to think of this program less as a program, and more of a lifestyle. And every time you do it, you develop another great habit that’ll be with you for your entire life.”

Ready to Reset?

Go to UltimateReset.com and secure your kit today—this month all kits are on sale!


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  1. Can’t get it in Canada 🙁 But if I could at least get the DVDs and Booklets I could try my best to get similar supplementation here in Canada and do my best to follow the program.

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