Legit Shakeology Reviews: Chocolate

It’s Flavor Friday and this week, we are giving the spotlight to Chocolate! Chocolate Shakeology is an original member of the Shakeology family. Born and raised in the Beachbody HQ since 2009, Chocolate has grown quite a fanbase over these past 5 years. We know people love it—but why? We asked YOU to give us your own Chocolate Shakeology reviews and here’s what you said**!


“I love chocolate. It takes ALL my cravings away. I have it for breakfast with 1 c. cold coffee, ¼ c. almond milk, and lots of ice!” -Amy S.
“Because it tastes so delicious! I love it!” – Charity A. 

“[Chocolate Shakeology] satisfies my cravings for chocolate!!  and it makes it so much easier to say no to other sweets.” -Rayell H.

“Chocolate is my favorite! I like it because its YUMMY and I can mix it with everything! My new favorite recipe is chocolate Shakeology, walnuts, vanilla extract, and coffee!”  -Kim D.

“It satisfies my sweet tooth better than a Reese’s cup!” -Lucretia C.

“Chocolate Shakeology makes me feel like I have done something healthy for myself.” -Wendy P.

chocolate shakeology

photo via @mustangaly86 on Instagram

“Because it’s chocolate, that’s why!” -Kristen M.

“It tastes amazing. Chocolate without the guilt!” -Liska R.

“I’m a chocoholic… There is no other option!” -Danielle M.

“I’m a chocolate Shakeology purist. I drink it with milk or water and nothing else, every day.” -Marlys W.


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“I get chocolate every day. I don’t have to crave it anymore! And who doesn’t get excited about starting their day with dessert?” -Jaimee H.

“I’m a chocolate lover too and this way I get a much healthier daily dose of it.” –Yvonne H.

“I love my chocolate peanut butter and banana! Holds me till afternoon. It’s been 4 months now and I still crave it every morning.” -Sally W.

““Because it tastes so GOOD every morning for breakfast!” -Beckie R.


photo via @jarvismrs on instagram

“Because chocolate is AMAZING!” -Victoria C.

We can’t argue with that.

**Reviews were taken from customers and coaches that responded to post on the Shakeology Facebook Fan Page asking their opinions on Chocolate Shakeology

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  1. I am lactose intolerant. Does this shake have milk products in the formula?

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