Legit Shakeology Reviews: Chocolate Vegan

Shakeology started out as a mere duo of Greenberry and Chocolate, but throughout the years became a family of 6 yummy flavors. This Friday, we are giving the spotlight to Chocolate Vegan, which joined the family in June 2012. This creamy and delicious shake has been recently reformulated to maximize flavor while still being Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition.  We asked you what makes you love Chocolate Vegan so much, and here are your Shakeology Reviews :



“My favorite!!! It satisfies this chocoholic without the added dairy.  This was the only soy-free vegan shake I could find that didn’t taste like dirt (or worse). Now I am addicted and have been known to lick the inside of an empty bag.” – Brittany V.

“I think the vegan one is smoother tasting and it has a more chocolate taste. I love it more than the regular chocolate.” –Melissa W.

“I love the new Vegan chocolate! Grateful to have nondairy Shakeology options!”  —LaSandra R.

“I love it because it is chocolate and vegan and if you mix it with almond milk it tastes like a fudgsicle.” —Carolyn C.

“Chocolate vegan all the way, with a bit of all natural peanut butter and 4 to 5 fresh strawberries from my farm. Can’t go wrong!” –Ben B.

“I really like the reformulated chocolate vegan. It is very smooth and yummy!” –Tonya S.

“It tastes amazing and I have never felt better.” –Stephanie T.

“It doesn’t have an awful aftertaste like other brands. It’s just pure goodness! And I love it because it has no whey or milk which I am allergic to.” –Michelle L.

“HECK YEAH!!!!! Love Vegan Chocolate” –Michelle B.

“It’s my new fav! I love the vegan it’s not as gritty as the non-vegan and not as sweet–that’s a good thing for me.” –Tiffany W.

“My go-to flavor is Chocolate Vegan because it provides a daily chocolate fix, without the guilt.” – Jake R, Social Media Specialist at Beachbody


“I look forward to it each and every morning! It’s a better substitute for my sweet tooth!” –Jill A.

“Just had it with the refresh and fell in love with it!! Great texture, blends easily. Love it more than regular chocolate!” –Danielle P.

“I switched from reg choc to the vegan flavors because it’s much easier on my stomach. I LOVED the reg choc but considering how much better I feel with the vegan, the flavor is still pretty damn good. What’s better than a choc shake for breakfast!” –Amy C.

“I love chocolate vegan! I drink it every day and it tastes like dessert. I just love the texture and flavor!” –Adventures in Running

**Reviews were taken from customers and coaches that responded to post on the Shakeology Facebook Fan Page asking their opinions on Vegan Chocolate Shakeology



  1. Chocolate shake is popular.

  2. Has anyone tried the Tropical Strawberry vegan?

  3. Syracuse says:

    Happiness is taking a packet of Shakeology for lunch, along with fruit and a healthy snack, like almonds. Chocolate Vegan is my favorite — and it’s a wonderful appetite quencher. Drinking it with 2 cups of water, sometimes hot, sometimes cold. This change alone, despite age and a lot of chair time, meant I lost some weight

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