Bilberries to the Rescue: Superfoods with Superpowers

Today’s superfood spotlight is on bilberries. Yep, bilberries—not blueberries. Also known in the berry world as the European blueberry, whortleberry, bogberry, huckleberry, and hurtleberry.


Although the bilberry is a very close relative to the blueberry family, this not-so-distant cousin is a wee bit smaller, darker in color, contains less juice, and it sports a smaller crown. And when cut open, bilberry pulp is purple to blue in color, whereas blueberry pulp is usually light green.

Bilberries’ superpowers.
While both fruits are loaded with antioxidants and anthocyanins, bilberries typically contain up to four times more of those goodies than blueberries. Plus, bilberries are extremely rich in vitamin C. SCORE! And for the last 500 years, these little “blue” berries have been used all across Europe for medicinal purposes.

Legend has it…
There’s a folktale floating around that during World War II, British Royal Air Force fighter pilots would eat these treasured treats before a mission to strengthen their vision so they could more accurately carry out nighttime bombing raids. However, no one has ever been able to prove that this fable is anything more than fiction. Although, anthocyanins in bilberries are known to help increase the production of rhodopsin, which is a pigment that does help enhance night vision. So maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to that tale.

What’s not to love about bilberries?
Very little, actually. Which, of course, is why we put them in Shakeology®. Guess the only downside to this amazing little fruit is that the bilberry bush is notoriously difficult to cultivate.

Instead of growing in large clusters like blueberries, bilberries grow individually along their stems, making it so they have to be picked by hand. And since time is money and it takes a lot longer to harvest a bilberry crop, these powerful and potent fruits are more expensive than blueberries.

You will be a happier you.
So if you want some bilberry action in your life, instead of seeking them out in supermarkets, just go make yourself a delicious and nutritious Shakeology. Because when it comes to putting healthy stuff in your body, we’ve got you covered.


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