Which Shakeology is your Favorite?


Stop guessing. Start tasting!

You know that WE love Shakeology; now it’s your turn to figure out which flavor you love the most! We have tons of Shakeology drinkers telling us which flavors they love the most and we wanted to share the love!**

Greenberry lovers said:

“I love the new Greenberry! I’m adding it to my morning routine to give it a change from the Chocolate”

“Love the texture and the enhanced berry taste. By far my fav.”

“Puts the ‘berry’ in Greenberry.”

“Great with just water and ice!”

“By far the best Shakeology yet. And for a person addicted to Tropical Strawberry Vegan, that’s a big thing.”

Strawberry Shakeology addicts flavor said:

“Really impressed with this flavor! Really tastes like a strawberry milkshake”

“I love the strawberry that’s the only one I drink”

“Since strawberry I’ve never had any other flavor it’s that good”

“If I don’t have my strawberry Shakeology for breakfast, I always regret it mid-day”

“The strawberry shake-o is amazeballs! I love it.”

Vanilla die-hards said:

“Vanilla this morning. I don’t go a day without it”

“Drink a vanilla shake every morning for breakfast around 5 am and I am good to go till I eat lunch at 11:30.”

“Amazing! Is this really healthy? Hands down one of the best tasting shakes I’ve ever had. Homerun Beachbody!”

“It was so delicious – I wanted to lick the glass.”

“The Vanilla Shakeology taste[s] like a Vanilla cupcake!! It [is] delicious & light, texture [is] perfect, no aftertaste & fill[s] me up. The first sip taste[s] as yummy as the last sip.”

Choco-holics said:

“Chocolate Shakeology is the bomb-diggity.”

“I love the chocolate Shakeology it tastes so good.”

“I love chocolate Shakeology more than almost anything else I eat during the day. I feel so healthy and full of energy, and for that, I wouldn’t miss a day.”

“The chocolate is my most favorite! J”

“I was just thinking that I drank my Chocolate Shakeology way too fast. Now it’s gone and I have to wait until tomorrow to have another one.”

So these guys know THEIR favorite flavors—what’s YOURS? If you’re not ready to commit to a full-sized bag or box to make the decision, you can try something a little bit easier. You can now try one of each flavor for less than $20 from Shakeology.com—say WHAT? It’s our taste sampler; it’s the easiest way to try all four non-Vegan flavors at once and find out which Shakeology flavor YOU love!


**Quotes taken from panelist sampling new Shakeology flavors as well as from the Shakeology Facebook Fan Page which include Beachbody employees, consultants, and coaches.


  1. I love the strawberry!

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