7 Tips on Dining Out the Healthy Way

Just because you are eating healthy food and taking care of your body does not mean you have to sit out on every corporate lunch, dinner date, or Sunday Funday brunch. Though the temptation of not-so-healthy choices come at you the second you walk through those restaurant doors—be strong and follow these 7 easy tips that’ll help you stay on your healthy and fit path.

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  1. Skip the pre-meal starch. Many restaurants like to get you started with a basket of bread or a bowl of corn chips. You don’t need them! If the temptation is too much, politely ask your server to remove the starches before you find yourself digging in.
  2. Order veggies, salad, or fruit for your side. These options are a much healthier alternative to the usual fried or breaded sides that automatically come with your entrée and just as delicious!
  3. Choose grilled or steamed—never fried. Fried foods—especially when breaded—are low in nutrients and packed with unhealthy, oxidized fat.
  4. Ask for sauces and dressings on the side. This makes it much easier for you to control how much you consume and if you can—avoid cream-based sauces entirely.
  5. Use portion control—this is the tricky one because restaurants typically give more than a single serving of food as one entrée. For protein, eat roughly the size of your palm. For mixed foods like lasagna or a burrito, as for a take-away box with your order and immediately put half of your entrée away to take home.
  6. Don’t plan to make up for it later. Wellness is about much more than “calories in/calories out.” Don’t plan to overindulge with the hope that a smaller meal later or an extra workout will help. It won’t.
  7. Be forgiving with yourself. Even with these tips in mind, you still might not be able to resist Taco Tuesday. That’s okay! We all slip sometimes—just remember to forgive yourself and try a little bit harder next time.

So there you have it: 7 easy tips to help you stay focused on your goal of health


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