5 years! That’s how long Shakeology® has been changing lives

On March 15, 2009, a star was born. Its name? Shakeology. And half a decade later, our favorite shake stands alone as the industry leader. It’s unrivaled in taste, texture, aroma…and well, in just about every major category there is.

So as we celebrate the five-year anniversary of this one-of-a-kind shake, we can’t help but get a bit sentimental and look back on all the magic.

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Humble beginnings.

Much has happened since ingredient hunter and co-creator, Darin Olien, went all the way to the rainforests and jungles of Peru to gather the world-class ingredients behind Shakeology. Research was done. More nutrients and superfoods were added. And let’s not forget about the fantastic flavors that grew the Shakeology family.

Here’s a quick snapshot of when all your favorites came onto the scene:  

  • March 2009: Launch of Chocolate and Greenberry
  • February 2012: Launch of Tropical Strawberry Vegan
  • June 2012: Launch of Chocolate Vegan
  • June 2013: Long-awaited launch of Vanilla
  • January 2014: Launch of Strawberry and the Triple Combo Box

 While we’re taking a stroll down memory lane…

 Here are a few more memorable dates in Shakeology’s rich history:

  • June 2009: Launch of the ever popular Shakeology Facebook page
  • August 2012: 100,000 people on Home Direct
  • August 2012: Shakeology canisters introduced
  • September 2013: Launch of the Taste Sampler
  • November 2013: 4,000,000 bags/boxes sold since launch

And when it comes to hashtags, Shakeology takes the cake shake.

We wanted to know how Shakeology helped people achieve better health over the years, so we collected a few of our favorite quotes. Here are a few of the most compelling responses from the #ShakeologyHelpedMe campaign:

“Lose almost 40 pounds.”  —Cheryl H.

“Stop my senseless eating of chocolates, cakes, and pies.” —Jamikia Y.

“Give up coffee and energy drinks.” —Todd M.

“Have clear skin.” —Mandy B.

“Correct my poor sleeping pattern.” —Sylvia D.

This shake is here to stay!

The last five years have been downright legendary. But this is one shake that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We love it. Customers love it. Even doctors love it. (We have the “Advice from 100 Doctors” DVD to prove it.)

Why? Because it’s nutritionally superior, easily earning its reputation as the Healthiest Meal of the Day®. Packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, and superfoods, Shakeology is unlike ANYTHING else on the market—or the planet, for that matter.

What’s next?

There are big, big, big things on the horizon. And with exciting new flavors and research in the works, Shakeology will be going even stronger in the coming years. So raise a glass and let’s toast to the world’s most delicious and nutritious shake!


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