How Shakeology Got Its Start

41d9c23b-e281-4b83-a086-b81a798fc53aThis is guest post by Beachbody Co-Founder and CEO Carl Daikeler.

One day my wife looked down at the burger I was eating and remarked that I ate like a second grader. It was that comment that led me to ask if she would finally relent, after months of turning me down, to use her decades of nutrition and wellness experience designing supplements and shakes for some of the top VIPs in the world, to help Beachbody create something special. What I wanted was a shake that I – a self-proclaimed “anything-but-vegetabletarian” – could eat. She said yes, and immediately began to brainstorm what the ultimate shake could be.

“Whole food based, with prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and phytonutrients,” she would say.

“Please just make it taste good enough that I can get it down.”

A few months into the process, Isabelle told me she’d had a chance meeting with a guy named Darin. She told me about this guy who climbs remote mountains, crisscrosses oceans, and crawls through dense, soggy jungles in search of the best sources of nutrition on the planet.

That chance meeting, though, led to the creation of a real nutrition breakthrough that’s transforming the health of literally thousands of people a day. All thanks to the combination of Isabelle’s demanding standards and Darin’s resources and passion for hunting out the most nutritional food on Earth.

What started as a dream to create something that would help people who don’t eat their veggies (like me) turned into an amazing symphony of benefits, including increased energy, regularity, weight loss, lower cholesterol and so many more I won’t both bother to list them here.

ba72fa5a-3a0a-4d86-8e71-db9787c90ddfToday, thanks to this dream team, that drama has become a reality. We all get to enjoy the amazing product called Shakeology and we’re healthier for it!


  1. Michelle Collins Whitley says:

    SO many of us can relate to where you were, Carl! I didn’t even know how to eat well when I started my journey to better health. Shakeology has been HUGE for giving me that “sweet treat” that is packed full of nutrition and goodness that my body needs!!

  2. I used to think I know what I needed to be healthy. I needed some veggies but the rest I could get from bread and other grains. Then I met Shakeology. Man, this thing has changed my life. I always knew, in my gut, that I needed proper nutrition. Now I know I need proper nutrition in my gut! I love the pre and probiotics in one place. I love the added everything I get from Shakeology. And I love how versatile it is with recipes and great it tastes. Thanks for being an “anything but vegetablarian” like the rest of us and asking for something better.

  3. Mike Thompson says:

    Shakeology is my sweet fix every day! helps me stay focused on eating the right foods because I know I can have it – my sweet fix but also my post workout recovery and muscle feed! It’s like the best of all worlds and gets me what my body needs. Don’t know what I’d do without it really – been drinking it for over 4 years now and don’t see me stopping anytime soon!

  4. This has been a life changer for me. I used to struggle with extreme stomach pain and digestion issues. I no longer have the pain and I am able to eat almost anything now with minimal issues. Thank you for an incredible product!

  5. Someone asked, “What is wrong with just eating REAL food?”

    My answer, when it comes to Shakeology and why I drink it every day…

    I have an immune system disorder. Have had it for years and years. I had been sick for two straight months prior to my first serving of Shakeology.

    From the first day I had my first serving of Shakeology, I started getting better and have not been sick since… and that was mid December 2012. Unheard of for me to go this long without getting sick and I’ve been exposed to some nasty stuff, but I haven’t gotten any of it. Me!

    Shakeology IS not only REAL food, it is real SUPER food. Maybe it takes someone having studied nutrition for 35 years to understand how little nutrition is actually in “real” food, and the need to super charge your nutrition with real super foods. Vitamins won’t do for you what super food nutrition does for you. Shakeology is about as real as it gets.

  6. Meg Gallegos says:

    How does shakeology work with Hassimotos thyroid issues. Like weight loss, hair thinning, dry hair, inflammation and constipation

  7. Kerri Abate says:

    It seems to be a good product with one concern for some one like myself who had a sensitive tummy and who can’t consume a milk percent of more than 1% is this something I could use? I see it has whey in it and wheat aren’t we trying to stay away from these two ingredience and shell fish? Why add these if more than half of the population is allergic to these ingredience. I would be more happy to use it if these ingredience weren’t in the mix. I’m not so sure I’m convinced yet seems like another money making fad. Someone convince me or explain this more and maybe I would consider the vegan packets 🙂

    • Tabitha Benedict says:

      The Vegan formulas would be great for you! They are dairy free! 😀 I do better with the Vegan flavors as well and I only have a mild intolerance to dairy. Best of luck to you!

  8. Michelle Deptowicz says:

    does is really help you lose weight?

    • Tabitha Benedict says:

      Yes it does! My first round of P90X, I followed the plan decently well and lost 15 pounds in 90 days. My second round, I added in Shakeology and lost 10 pounds in the first month. I tell people it’s a little bit of a daily detox combined with all the nutrients you need to support your journey in one glass!

  9. Shelley Carlson says:

    How does archaeology work with gluten allergy, along with lactose sensitivity?

  10. Shelley Carlson says:

    How does Shakeology work with gluten allergies that can’t handle gluten free oatmeal?

  11. francisca john says:

    Sincerely am saddened that i cannot get to have shakeology shipped to my country..

  12. Rachel Barone says:

    How effective can it really be and how much nutrients can you truly get if the product isn’t even Low Temperature Processed? It’s also not Cross-Flow Micro Filtered; so do they use the Ion Exchange method for breaking down the protein?

    Also, they’re saying it can be used as a meal replacement, but science shows we need 20-30g of protein per meal to promote muscle protein synthesis and no shake by Shaleology have I seen, has more than 16g. That means you would have to get more protein in with it.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about these things before ever actually drinking it for a meal replacement.

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